X-ray imaging machine data analytics assist healthcare clinical workflow managers by monitoring procedure time together with utilization. Additionally, Glassbeam data analytics also integrates data from multiple applications. Customized reporting adapts to specific needs of customers as well as integrating all imaging modalities not to mention healthcare providers. As a result, healthcare providers receive valuable real time information on utilization.

Machine Data Analytics National Imaging Resources

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Glassbeam Healthcare Machine Data Analytics Distributed By

National Imaging Resources

Key Benefits of Machine Data Analytics for Healthcare Providers

  • Efficient & Timely Clinical Workflow Management
    In detail, monitor procedure time & utilization to improve clinical workflow via machine data analytics; for example, redirect patients to reduce wait time.
  • True 360-Degree Operation View
    Solution can be easily extended by integrating with multiple hospital applications, for example, CMMS, RIS, scheduling
    system, credentialing system and billing.
  • Better Understanding of Utilization
    Correlates DICOM data with machine logs to create a true picture of utilization; for example, identifying discrepancies
    between # of Series/Sequences Sent vs # of Series/Sequences Actually Acquired.
  • Customized Reports to Customer Specific Needs
    Ad-hoc reporting capability coupled with customization helps hospital to tailor solution to its exact needs.
  • Multi Modality Multi Manufacturer Enterprise Services
    Provides an integrated view across all imaging modalities as well as manufacturers for healthcare providers.
  • Data Driven Capital Expenditure Decision
    Real-time information on utilization augments decisions to procure right machines at the right time.

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